5 Minutes to Midnight?

The world is a crazy place. I have been paying close attention to the United Kingdom’s response to the political assassinations in the U.K. over the past few weeks and I feel like I am watching appeasement. If the Russian government did, in fact, order an assassination on their citizens in a sovereign country that would be one of the most blunt actions of national intimidation since the collapse of the USSR. The usage of a gas agent is not only frightening, but is bone-chillingly ominous. Not only does the Russian Federation have access to major nuclear weapons, but they have the ability to deploy gas weapons despite international concerns. I am reminded of the idea of the doomsday clock and Alan Moore’s excellent graphic novel, The Watchmen. What happens when situations are so bad it feels that we are only five minutes from extinction? Each tick of the clock brings us closer to the absurd situation we all see in life. Each tick of the clock brings with it new dangers and new destruction.

Why are books belonging to Jewish Studies being destroyed by students? Why is there such a hatred of a faith that an individual or possibly a group of individuals feel it is necessary to destroy an object of learning, an object of teaching? This destruction on WWU’s campus is not only scary, but another example of the clock getting ready to tick on. Why is it that we need to protect knowledge in these times? Why is it that we need to protect anything in these times?

More importantly what could cause the clock to tick back? What can reverse something strong enough to push time? What could that be?

I would like to leave this piece of cinematic music from 2009’s Watchmen. This music is not only ominous but almost frightening, Countdown- Tyler Bates.



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