Week 10: The Train has left the Station

The experiences I have been through this quarter were outstanding experience when it came to the development of an experience. This project has made me incredibly open to the idea of research projects when it comes to the home that I choose to call the United States. People matter everywhere even in the privileged grasps of the United States there are problems that many experience and this assessment of the safety and health in Edmonds has simply been outstanding. I have learned that when it comes to communicating that email may be easy, but sometimes calling may be the best bet because it means plans can be made while both parties are present and communicating. I have learned that things can be misinterpreted when it is sent in email as there are things and certain nuances that many cannot notice via text. I have learned that car rides regardless of where I am put me to sleep with the prospect of a return trip. I have learned that group work is better for the distributor than the people not distributing work. Most importantly I have learned that the future of Anthropology is still relevant everywhere whether it is an exploration into groups thousands miles away or a group of individuals in our backyard, it remains relevant.