Week 9: Putting the Cherry on Top

This week has been about putting together our findings and making sure that we have a presentable and coherent paper to turn into the city. In particular, I really enjoy the process by which we have been able to do our work. The integration of not only findings, but using GIS software, Google Maps, and photographs taken by us we will be able to present not only an interesting report, but a report that comes with future considerations. While the process has been painstaking at times when it came to the establishment of ourselves in the community and figuring out how to best communicate with the parents in these communities was key. I feel however, we may have been able to reproduce more information if we had a longer period to do research and the means to be adjacent to where our research community is. I feel like a similar study can be done on any number of neighborhoods in the Bellingham area and produce incredible results.

I sadly will not be in attendance at the presentation given by not only our class, but through the university-wide projects that have occurred. I will instead be on a  charter boat that morning, I will gladly provide an update on that trip on this blog after we get back to shore. I wish all of my fellow presenters luck as they take their journey onto presenting to a community our work as an academic party.


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