Week 8: In Sight of the Finish Line

This week has been a whirlwind of emotions from going down to Edmonds despite a cancelled interview into an outstanding response from the community via a survey. I am truly fascinated by the scope of our project and how much it has been evolving in the short week. The visit to Edmonds was in particular very interesting because we ran into our research partner while walking in downtown Edmonds. It was a very interesting experience that we were able to get from looking into the situation we were given and we were able to achieve context from the neighborhoods, most glaringly the fact that a sidewalk never finishes on one side of the street and from early data we have gotten, this seems to be a common concern.

This week is completely reserved for analysis and the formation of our research paper, and turning it into a viable and informative guideline for the future of our work. I truly think there will be some good information to come out of this experience, but many ways for us to look back and improve on the location and the subject by which we address the project.


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