Week 6: Ready, Set, IRB

This week we are entering the real period of our research. More importantly, we will be able to do our work with IRB approval of our work, even though it has minimal risk to all involved. One of the most important aspects to this research is the narrow window of research for which we have to conduct all our work. 3 weeks may seem like a short time for many, but it can be one of the most important and stressful times in our careers. I am excited and ready to do this research, but the time allotted is not only incredibly tight, but incredibly short. 10 weeks seems like a tremendous timeline for some projects, but when it comes to transportation over an hour, a class, and a partnership thins can get messy. However, it is truly outstanding that we as students are able to make this jump into the Edmonds project and turn it into an incredible project. If only we had more time.

Nevertheless, our real in-depth research will begin in this upcoming week, including with us possibly going down on a Friday to observe and learn about what is going on. I am particularly interested in getting to speak about what we fully expect from not only our contacts, but from some of the individuals dying to talk to us about their own assessment of the area. This week has mostly served as a transitory period into the research cycle. I am ready to get some work done.


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