Week 3: Lamphere and the meaning of Collaboration

This week’s preparation was a way for us as a class to build our understanding of how it is we do research, why we do research, and the difficulty of defining research. The application of Anthropology into the public policy as a way to advise local governments is a fascinating one because Anthropology tends to shy away from policy. However, the articles we read by Louise Lamphere this week made me think of the effects of Anthropology in a different way. While a large majority of the policy that Anthropology brings in is related to public health, there is such a large and beneficial range in which Anthropology works. Our project in particular is looking to bring in the idea of Health as a hook or a driving factor to the distinguish our research in order to gain the broader understanding of how transit or infrastructure guide or misplace how a person moves. One of the more interesting aspects to me is that from what I was described Edmonds lies on a large hill which would make most transit from west to east miserable, unless you are trying to get in your daily cardio. I am excited to begin this work on the area and have a plethora of ideas to bring to the table in terms of proper methodologies which I will likely get into in more detail with next week’s post.